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Catraro Goffredo
  Sculptor, Painter and Poet (1927-1994)
Great themes of our epoch - is what any artist tempts to pursue with his works and each of Goffredo's works, sculptures or paintings is an event, a piece of poetry with a wide and universal angle, starting its history with the human civilization; lived by Catraro and carried on in a continuous and successful discovery; not allowing any man to write the last and final story of this wonderful journey called "art" .


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Sculpture Nr s/001

Sculpture s/marble

Sculpture Nr s/014

Sculpture 1

Scultpure Wood 1

Sculpture 2

Sculpture Nr s/012

Sculpture Nr s/010

Sculpture Nr s/005

Sculpture Nr s/015

Sculpture Nr s/011

Sculpture Nr s/013

Nr: p08

Sculpture Nr s/002

Nr: p04

Nr: p14

Sculpture Nr s/007

Nr: p05

Nr: p03

Nr: p12

Nr: p06

Nr: p07

Nr: p13

Nr: p02

Nr: p11

Nr: p09

Nr: p10

Nr: p15

Nr: p16

Nr: p17
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