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...being a friend of Fusco, Moretti, Omiccioli and acquainted with Dalì, Picasso, Attardi as well as other masters of art, he got enriched with great expieriences of live leading to an adventurous life for himself.Giacomo De Michelis, a unique phenomenon in this artistic world, never wanting to accept strict academic systems.

Art and being Artist is in us and cannot be learned!

His expressed desperation is evident in all his art works just as all fragments of his soul, heart and brain.The strength of his brush stroke is unique, powerful, frightening but real: his colours at times violent, gentle leaving no space for intermediary.

Women…. expression of life and future.

Fruit…natural expression of sex.

Cathedrals… testimony of violence by the church and its injustices of shed blood and therefore lost artistic patrimony.
His art works are of immense and divine power and are spread all over the world.
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